Joe Dunn is a musical man. His sound is a collection of genres, he plays a collection of instruments and has a vast collection of original songs he’s written. He records full band and acoustic music in his studio and is a sought after guitarist, for both live performances and in the studio. Joe has also co-written songs with some of Nashville and LA’s top songwriters. He is a artist, in every sense of the word.

To describe Dunn’s sound isn’t easy. He embraces elements of folk, rock, country, and blues. I can’t help but draw comparisons to Buddy Holly, and it’s not just the glasses. It’s the conviction in his performance. It’s the riffs, the tenderness, the rockabilly, the passion… that draw us in and take us on the ride. The lyrics, the melodies, the intelligence… all make Joe Dunn a artist to be heard. -Carolyn Kruze, Country 102.5 Radio Boston

"Dunn's solo work is a far cry from the simplistic acoustic ballads of your typical singer/songwriter. Combining undeniably talented vocal abilities over technical guitar riffs, Dunn is able to do the work of two players at once." - Jer Cole, High Energy Soloist Defies Singer/Songwriter Stereotype (Nov 07, 2008)